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SEO - Indicizzazione Siti web

SEO - Indicizzazione Siti web

Elaborare strategie che porterà il vostro business verso l’alto.
parole chiave planner & amp; Ottimizzazione del motore di ricerca

Programmatore Web

Programmatore Web

Dalla progettazione al prodotto finale! Realizziamolo insieme Como lo vuoi TU!

Grafica Web

Grafica Web

La mia vasta gamma di servizi comprende grafica web.

Web Design

website wireframe sketch and programming code on digital tablet  Web Design

The responsive image design
Scrolling and screen panels throughout
Skrollr: parallax scrolling for web and mobile
Model selection and layout

Define the structure of a site, it does not necessarily mean just fix the navigation tree of the site, but also make sure that the page always answer the following questions:

  • Where I am?
  • Where am I going?

The first question will respond definitely a good logo but also a subtitle or tagline (as they say in graphics) and an appropriate graphical presentation. In fact, show the picture of the cat of the house on the site of an author of gardening books is not very consistent, as well as misleading. Users might think of a vet!

Where am I going? Here is the designer’s skill to guess what the user will find and where, by studying a good system of labels (the names given to the items on the menu) and a consistent logic in the organization of the information, also depending on the type of audience (target ) who visit the site.


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