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Web Development

Web Development

I develop web experiences, from design to final product.

IT Helpdesk

IT Helpdesk

We believe that each company must have an ad hoc level of support because every business reality has its own internal management and organization dynamics and operates in a different market context. For this we offer dedicated and scalable support and support services for each Need and every dimension.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

My wide range of services includes web and graphic design.



Working out strategies that will bring your business to the top.
keywords planner & Search Engine Optimization

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My skills


complete translation of the site and the keywords for seo


The advertising copywriter or editor is the person who writes all the words of advertising (for print ads texts, posters, radio spots and telecomunicati, and so on).

Web Art

Art and Illustration websites.

Web Development

The web developer is a professional that deals with the development of web applications, in particular the development of the programming source code, optimization of databases and markup languages ​​through Web programming techniques.

Social Media

The social media basically they represent a change in the way people learn, read and share information and content,so it is important to raise awareness of your site and your business through social.

  • Roma Web Design

    Roma Web Design

  • Dama Consulting

    Dama Consulting

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